Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology department handles basic and advanced cancer therapy including high-dose Chemotherapy, Immuno-Therapy and Targeted Therapy for all solid organ malignancies. The department is well equipped for managing all haematological malignancies including Lymphoma, Myeloma and Lukaemias. The department is backed up by one of the best diagnostic specialities which include pathology, immunohistochemistry, tumour marker assay and advanced radio diagnostic services, IP & OP, chemotherapy services, using chemotherapy catheters and chemo ports by well trained health professionals making this department unique in Medical Oncology in the whole of Malabar. In the near future we are planning Autologous, Allogencis stem cell transplant programme and Radiotherapy.

We are providing free services to Oncology patients on compassionate considerations as the expenditure for treatment for this killer disease is so heavy that the poor patients are not able to bear the same. Drugs to these patients are also made available at the lowest rates.


Through this cancer registry program, our hospital provides data to the National Cancer Registry Programme Centre at Bangalore which is net-worked to all places in the country. This data help the community to make themselves aware of the risk of this killer disease and to prevent such a dreadful disease in their lives.

Facilities available

  • Tumour Board Discussions.
  • Planning of Cancer treatment.
  • Curative treatment for all solid tumours.
  • Palliative Chemotherapy and supportive care.
  • High dose Chemotherapy & Neutropenia Care.
  • Management of Leukaemia, Lymphoma & Myeloma.
  • Paediatric Oncology unit.
  • Preventive Oncology Clinic & Screening Programme.
  • Pain & Palliative Clinic with Home Care Facility.


Valanchery - Nilambur Road, Palachode Post, Malaparamba, Perinthalmanna, Kolathur, Malappuram, Kerala 679321, India

Phone: +91 4933 298300, 333, 444 |

Admission Direct Lines: +91 4933 298310 | Admission Direct Lines: +91 4933 298310

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